Arquivo | novembro, 2008

from planet Mars to planet Pluto

17 nov

“Is still Pluto a planet? I really don’t remember exactly, but I think I’ve heard some time ago that Pluto is now considered a star, not a planet anymore. Well, that’s not the point anyway…

Here in Mars everything is going c-r-a-z-y, really! Well, Mars has always been a crazy place, but now I look at it and think “OMG”. I’m going crazy. Everything looks so different. Like another person’s life, and I’m watching it in stop-motion. A stop-motion life in black and white.

In 18 days I’m going to another place. It’s some kind of vacation (thanks god). It’s only a two-weeks vacation, but it’s free time anyway. No depressive nights. No reports to write. No sarcastic and sadist people. No fucking crowded buses. It’s like paradise. Then it starts all over again ¬¬

well… I was here wondering what’s happening in Pluto. You know, it’s such a distant planet… I can’t even look at it, even in the night. That’s sad, I think. Now I’m here in my room, thinking about life and death. I will die.That’s terrifying. Everything will just disappear from my mind. I’ll forget everything about you. About those times. And these thoughts make me feel like having to go back. I need to see you again.

That’s it.
just wanted to say I-miss-you with a hundred words.
take care”

from planet Mars some time ago.

14 nov


não sei desenhar. Meus riscos num papel pareceriam muito infantis. Descoordenados. Mas você sabe o que quero dizer, ao menos. Ou não. Ou são falsas impressões.

Nem importa. Mas essa imagem congelada que meus olhos fotografaram há tempos tenta substituir  aquele papel meio amassado pela ansiosidade que eu deixaria escorregar sob a sua porta.